Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids

Today I have just finished my Beat Bullying – Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and I always feel so inspired by the children’s happy smiling faces after the day we spend together. I really love teaching them my One Point Technique, My Circle Of Confidence Technique and my Success Diary ideas and love seeing their confidence […]

Don’t over evaluate EVERYTHING !

While most parents want their children to succeed, sometimes they unintentionally burden  their children by over evaluating everything they do. I remember a lovely 8 year old  child in my class called Isabel whose Mum always over analysed and over evaluated everything Isabel did, said or achieved. Isabel was a stressed little girl striving for perfection […]

The Sue Atkins 25% Faster Confidence Technique!

When I was younger we used to go to Spain a great deal for our Summer holidays, and we used to enjoy sipping a sangria, or a coffee and just “people watching.” Watching people walk and move about is a lot of fun. I still watch people walk in corridors, in shopping centres and on […]

Raise your children not your voice !

Parenting is the most important, rewarding, frustrating, and challenging job anyone can do and yet is the one few of us ever get any preparation for.  We invest in everything except learning the skills in raising happy, confident and well-balanced children. The speed, pressure and stress of modern living means we never seem to have […]

Teach Your Kids To “Think PET” and ask “What can I learn from this?”

I read a great article today by Michele Ranard on the NYParenting website  about why some children fall apart when faced with a negative situations, while others seem to roll with the punches. Here’s the article. “A few years back, my first-grader stepped off the school bus in tears. The words he squeaked out between sobs cut me […]

My interview with the wonderful Talking Tots

I highly recommend the wonderful Talking Tots as they offer fun interactive pre-school sessions that develop speech and language skills which are SO crucial to a young child’s development. Here is my interview with them: “Talking Tots spoke to the marvellous Sue Atkins, parenting coach and author of Raising Happy Children, to see what advice […]

Children whose parents divorce ‘more likely’ to become binge drinkers

  Children with parents who divorce or separate before they are five are more likely to become binge drinkers when they reach 16 than children with parents who remain together, a major new study has found. Read the article in The Daily Telegraph.   Have you heard of my “Separation – Putting Your Children First” […]

Reading – the key skill of success

I’ve been working in quite a few schools recently teaching my “Confidence Classes for Kids” workshop and I’ve noticed the different styles of teaching, mentoring and motivating. I was in a failing school with extremely low morale a couple of weeks ago and found myself in full “Tony Robbins” motivational style as I battled to […]