Don’t over evaluate EVERYTHING !

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While most parents want their children to succeed, sometimes they unintentionally burden  their children by over evaluating everything they do. I remember a lovely 8 year old  child in my class called Isabel whose Mum always over analysed and over evaluated everything Isabel did, said or achieved. Isabel was a stressed little girl striving for perfection and never quite being good enough in her Mum’s eyes.

What pressure 🙁

When your child shows you a picture they have drawn, instead of saying it’s good, why not ask them what they liked best about drawing or painting it.  

Over-evaluation, whether negative or positive, makes children worry about how well they are doing, and this stifles their ability to take risks.

Children need to feel like they can experiment with many things and that failing is OK and sometimes it’s all part of their journey towards discovering what they love to do most.

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