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In partnership with LoveMedia – on all aspects on raising happy, confident and resilient kids. Making parenting easier, harmonious and lots more fun.

Magazine Downloads

Meltdown Makeover:

Transforming toddler tantrums into teachable moments

Back to School:

Tips on forming routine and getting rid of back to school jitters

Parenting Unplugged:

5 Tips on how to help teens balance screen time……..

Once upon a time with CHATGPT:

How AI is changing the way we tell bedtime stories to kids

Self Esteem:

Supporting parents on the importance of self esteem, confidence and resilience for their kids

“We know that people still love to read a magazine, newspaper or handy guides but not everyone wants to commit to a subscription. Here at LoveMedia we do things a little differently. You can download a digital version of your favourite title or guide plus you only pay for what you want – no subscription, no commitment and no fuss, just great content direct to your device.


We are delighted to be working with Sue Atkins to give our visitors the very best support on parenting topics that are relevant and important to them. Sue is a well-known expert in the field of parenting and her guides are easy to understand and they deliver really practical & effective guidance for parents.”