Elevate your school or organisation’s commitment to nurturing strong, resilient families by welcoming Sue Atkins, a renowned parenting expert, as your distinguished speaker.

With decades of experience, Sue brings a unique blend of expertise and relatability, guiding parents and educators through the intricate landscape of child development.

Sue’s engaging talks cover a spectrum of crucial topics, from fostering positive discipline and effective communication to navigating the challenges of modern parenting.

Her empowering insights resonate with diverse audiences, providing practical strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.

Invite Sue Atkins to inspire, educate, and unite your community in the shared goal of raising confident, happy, and well-adjusted children.

Sue Atkins is a renowned parenting expert, speaker, and author dedicated to empowering parents with practical guidance for raising happy, confident, and resilient children.

With a wealth of experience and a warm, engaging speaking style, Sue delivers dynamic presentations that resonate with diverse audiences.

Sue particularly enjoys live Q&A style informal sessions, fostering direct interaction and addressing the unique concerns of her audience.


Sue Atkins is an internationally recognised parenting expert, author of multiple best-selling books, and a sought-after speaker.

With a background in education as a Deputy Head & Class Teacher for over two decades of experience, Sue combines her expertise with a passion for supporting parents in navigating the challenges of raising children in today’s fast-paced world.

A Selection of Topics Covered:

  • Delay Teens On Screens – #SmartphoneFreeChildhood ideas, suggestions, tips and scripts of what to say
  • Positive Discipline Techniques
  • Building Resilience in Children
  • Effective Communication with Teens
  • Nurturing Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Balancing Screen Time and Real-world Activities
  • Parenting in the Digital Age
  • Parental Self Care
  • Addressing Bullying & Peer Pressure
  • Encouraging a Growth Mindset in Children
  • Cultural Sensitivity in Parenting 
  • Supporting Additional Needs
  • Supporting Dyslexic Children at Home & at School.



• “Sue Atkins is the new – and improved – Mary Poppins for today’s parents. She offers practical, fresh ways to help our kids become what we all hope and dream: happy, confident, responsible, resilient and ready for the fast-paced, plugged-in modern world.” Dr Michele Borba, parenting expert and Today show contributor

• “Sue’s insights are a game-changer for parents. Her ability to connect with audiences and provide actionable strategies makes her a standout parenting expert. Her advice is spot-on, insightful and has always worked – no matter whether you feel it is on a major or minor issue. Simply put, Sue’s advice makes sense.” Lindsey Collumbell, Director, Bojangle Communications Ltd

• “Sue’s common-sense approach to parenting will benefit anyone with kids. She offers practical advice and insights that help busy parents set their priorities, create realistic expectations, and develop a positive family environment in their homes.” Suzanna Narducci, TweenParent.com

Media Highlights:

Featured on many well-known TV Shows: ITV ‘This Morning’, ‘Good Morning Britain’, ‘BBC Breakfast’ ‘The Jeremy Vine Show.

Contributor to Leading Parenting Magazine: ‘Parents World.’ A monthly magazine with 2 million + readership per issue, offering parents valuable aid & advice to nurture and develop children of the 21st century.

Podcast Guest on the popular Parenting Podcast ‘How To Talk to Kids About Anything with host Dr. Robyn Silverman

Engaging Speaker Style:

Sue Atkins captivates audiences with her relatable anecdotes, evidence-based advice, and interactive presentations.
Her talks are not only informative but also inspire positive change in parenting approaches.

Audience Impact:

Sue’s presentations leave a lasting impact, empowering parents to create a nurturing environment that fosters their children’s well-being and development. Attendees gain practical tools to navigate the complexities of modern parenting with confidence.

Previous Engagements:

Keynote Speaker at the International Conference BETT the world’s biggest EdTech event.

Workshop Facilitator for well-known corporation Warner Music Group Corporation, The Drum the leading global publisher for the marketing and media industries, and John Lewis & Partners

Disney’s Parenting Expert hosting Facebook Lives, leading parenting campaigns and writing regular parenting advice

Featured Speaker at eduSafe South and North Regional Education Summit

Booking Information:

For inquiries regarding Sue Atkins’ availability for speaking engagements, workshops, or media appearances, please click on the link below.

Why not let Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert bring some positivity to your next event.

As the Parenting Expert for Disney Family she has been a regular contributor to parenting events & broadcasting for over 18 years & has spoken at numerous events all around the world, sharing her advice, techniques and knowledge of positive parenting with thousands of parents and helping them to raise happy, confident, resilient kids.

Sue’s previous speaking experiences includes giving speeches in The House of Commons & at Westminster, The Sunday Times Education Festival, The Behavioural Conference in London, The British Library discussing divorce and how it affects teenagers, to speaking internationally in Mumbai & Bangalore on positive parenting, along with many more events.

Available to speak on stage, on panels and in interviews, Sue’s relaxed, positive, guilt-free style will be sure to keep your audience captivated and engaged.

As a former Deputy Head Sue speaks to lots of parents at School Events & her talks speak to the complexities of parenthood, offering unusual insights, simple techniques and spot on strategies.

Because kids don’t come with a handbook, Sue’s speaking topics cover all age ranges, from babies,toddlers to teens and just a small sample of Sue’s talks are below. Sue is also available to speak on the current issues of the day.

  • Ages & Stages of Child Development
  • Ideas to develop ‘iCan’ Confident Kids
  • Conversations to have in a digital world
  • School Readiness
  • Making the BIG Move to Secondary School Confidently
  • Handling Divorce Positively and Support for the Child / Children
  • Practical Ways to Handle Bullying
  • Dealing with Children’s Behaviour

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