Join me here and on Facebook and Twitter to tell me about your ABC Wonderful Kids. Day 7 ~ Letter G

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Let’s celebrate children everywhere – but especially YOUR wonderful kids :)

Join me here and on Facebook and Twitter #ABC WonderfulKids to add your ABC of adjectives about your Wonderful Kids.

Day 7 ~ Letter G

Now off you go AND TELL THEM to build their self esteem!

Natasha Phillips from Researching Reform  says “Buki’s son is a gift 🙂 ”

“Letter G for Gorgeous on many different levels!” Laura Henry

Here’s my ‘G’ words galloping, gambolling and grinning – not adjectives but all things my kids do – Alex Smith from Playgroundology

“Oh what fun! Thanks for inviting me over to play. OK, let’s see… My little ones are Galloping, Giggly, Goofy, sometimes-Grumpy, Gorgeous Gremlins who make me Glad, Gleeful, and Grateful.”Gill Connell from Moving Smart Now

“All kids are GORGEOUS “from Marneta Viegas from Relax  Kids  

“Gorgeous girls – growing up, grinning and they reckon they’re great” Miriam Bauman

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