Reading – the key skill of success

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Reading - the key skill to success in life

I’ve been working in quite a few schools recently teaching my “Confidence Classes for Kids” workshop and I’ve noticed the different styles of teaching, mentoring and motivating. I was in a failing school with extremely low morale a couple of weeks ago and found myself in full “Tony Robbins” motivational style as I battled to get a class of thirty 10 year olds to listen to me ! A real first for me and a steep learning curve !

One key skill I found myself passionately talking to them about was the ability to read, and another was the ability to concentrate, as they are the basis for every form of learning. I really hope I reached and inspired some of the kids – but it’s the parents I want to reach too as I could see these kids hadn’t had much consistency or help from home and their teachers were exhausted battling poor behaviour. Morale, expectations and aspirations were low – and it needn’t be like that.

It comes from us all working together to inspire kids to be the best they can be and it also starts with giving them life skills of being able to read !

So with reading obviously on my mind here are some great sites for you to explore on reading:

The Tessy and Tab Reading Club 

And for great Youtube reading, grammar and phonic ideas take a look at Mr. Thorne Does Phonics

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