The Sue Atkins 25% Faster Confidence Technique!

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When I was younger we used to go to Spain a great deal for our Summer holidays, and we used to enjoy sipping a sangria, or a coffee and just “people watching.”

Watching people walk and move about is a lot of fun. I still watch people walk in corridors, in shopping centres and on the street – psychologists link slovenly posture and sluggish walking to negative attitudes and mindsets in people – as an NLP Master Trainer I am fascinated about how the body models the mind!

But psychologists also tell us that you can actually change your attitudes, mindset and sense of wellbeing by changing your posture, speed and movement. Watch and  observe and you will discover that body action and movement is the result of your mindset !

The extremely beaten –down, negative person walks in a completely different way to a confident, upbeat person. They shuffle and stumble as opposed to stride.

The “average” person has an “average” walk – with not much purpose, drive or passion.

The “super – confident” person walks with purpose, has a spring in their step and walks much faster than the other two. They have an “I’ve got somewhere important to go and something interesting to do and I’ll succeed at what I will do in 15 minutes from now” attitude – they are a “get things done” sort of person.

So why not teach your kids to walk 25% faster to help build their confidence or start to notice how others walk so they can play games guessing what that person’s inner confidence is like so they can learn to model confidence for themselves.

It’s about walking with purpose not walking with stress  – it’s about throwing your shoulders back, lifting up your head and moving just a little bit faster with confidence and a smile on your face.

It’s a small, simple technique with a big intention!

Just try it and see J

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