My interview with the wonderful Talking Tots

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I highly recommend the wonderful Talking Tots as they offer fun interactive pre-school sessions that develop speech and language skills which are SO crucial to a young child’s development.

Here is my interview with them:

“Talking Tots spoke to the marvellous Sue Atkins, parenting coach and author of Raising Happy Children, to see what advice she has on choosing the right toddler activity class for your child.

She says: “Well run and well designed classes represent more than just an opportunity to entertain your kids for an hour! They can make a long-lasting and profound contribution to life long learning and help develop important social skills. As a teacher, I could always tell when children had been to a well-run toddler class. But don’t think you have to spend a fortune – choose carefully and don’t forget that you are your child’s best teacher.”
Sue encourages parents to be really clear about what they want from an activity class and only choose those that feel right.

Questions she thinks you should ask before signing up for any class are:
* What skills am I looking to develop or encourage in my child?
* Are the people running the courses and classes professional?
* Would you be happy to leave your children in the care of these people if you had to?
* Do they have a progressive programme that builds up as your child develops and matures in skills?
* Are the classes too long, too short, badly organised?
* Can you see the syllabus for the classes in advance?
* Is the atmosphere full of playing, exploring and learning together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere?
* If you had to describe the people running the classes what would you say (as this helps you to clarify your intuition and gut feelings)
* Would you feel happy recommending them to other parents?
* Are your children enjoying the classes, what are they learning exactly and are they learning happily and easily?

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