What to do when your son learns to Google sex terms before he learns about love

Discovering that your child has been searching for sex terms on Google can be a difficult situation to navigate. Here are some steps you can take to address this issue: Talk to your child: It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your child about what you have discovered. Explain that searching for […]


  Today I am delighted to have Dan Freedman one of the UK’s leading football fiction writer as my guest blogger today. Dan worked at the top level of football for the last decade – writing for the FA, the Premier League and attending two World Cups – he combines his work in the game with […]

Slugs & snails & puppy dog tails – the different way boys learn.

‘Slugs & snails & puppy dog tails that’s what little boys are made of …..’ Just like the Nursery Rhyme, boys are different & prefer to learn in different ways. Scientists have found differences in the structures of male & female brains & that means that boys and girls seem to see things differently, behave […]

Do children’s toys influence their career choices?

Do you let your kids choose their own toys or do you try and influence them? A government minister says gender-specific toys harm girls’ career opportunities. But I just wonder how much the toys children play with shape their future prospects in the job market? We all  have wonderful  memories of toys we have loved […]


This month, Dr Amanda Gummer weighs up the different skills boys and girls develop using toys, and highlights three Good Toy Guide reviews. Whether you believe that gender-based play is biologically or socially constructed, there’s no denying some toys appeal to boys more than girls. Does it matter? We’d argue not really. As long as […]

Generation Xbox: ‘Alarming’ drop in fathers helping children to read

There’s an alarming study out by The Literacy Trust  showing a drop in the number of fathers encouraging their children to read 🙁 The study by the National Literacy Trust shows one in three dads give no reading encouragement to their children to read at all – a 30 per cent increase over the past […]


  Are you dealing with the “Terrible Two’s?” Do you suddenly have a fussy eater on your hands? Is it nearly impossible to get your toddler to stay in their bed at night? Are you struggling to potty train your toddler?   I understand as I’ve been there , done that and have the T […]


I’ve just come across an article in the Daily Express about Dads and hugging which I found interesting. My son has gone a bit more aloof at the moment as he’s 19,  left home for University and is a bit unsure of the new hugging policy so I get more ‘high 5’s’ as he says ‘Goodnight’ when […]

I’m excited as today I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for getting kids OFF THE SOFA & OFF THE COMPUTER GAMES !

                                             Today I am excited as I am interviewing Bear Grylls about his passion for outdoor activities. With today’s kids glued to computer games, ipads, ipods and TV I thought it would be fascinating to discover more about Bear’s passion for teaching kids to build dens, make rope swings and have fun […]

RELAX ! Here’s 8 Great Reasons To Let Your Kids Read Comics

  My son always loved books and always had his nose in a book when he was young but around the age of 9 he lost a bit of interest in his reading books and started to enjoy comics. As a former Deputy Head I knew it was probably a phase so I didn’t make […]

Getting boys to open up and talk to you – my advice on Parent Channel TV

As you know I am one of the parenting experts on the wonderfully informative Parent Channel TV and my article about  Getting boys to open up and talk to you  is live on their blog today. Getting boys to open up and talk to you can become a little harder as your children mature, and scientists […]

5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity

Today I am delighted to have Janis Meredith from http://jbmthinks.com/ as my guest blogger. Janis writes a youth sports blog focusing on parenting & character building. 5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity “Why are you so negative?” I’m sad to say that’s a question I was asked many times by my kids as […]