RELAX ! Here’s 8 Great Reasons To Let Your Kids Read Comics

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


My son always loved books and always had his nose in a book when he was young but around the age of 9 he lost a bit of interest in his reading books and started to enjoy comics.

As a former Deputy Head I knew it was probably a phase so I didn’t make much of a fuss – I just encouraged him to enjoy reading and now he is studying journalism at Brunel University and has been invited to interview Sir Ian Botham on Saturday, as he is on work placement at the moment working for All Out Cricket Magazine for a few weeks – so he got over his lack of interest in books !

So here is a great article from Imagination Soup called  8 Reasons to Let Your Kids Read Comics because kids need both variety and choice to become confident and life long readers.

So RELAX  and share this with your friends 🙂

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