How You (As A Caring Employer) Can Help Employees Through Divorce and Separation

I was delighted to have been invited to the House of Commons recently to the launch of the Parents Promise  a new HR initiative to support parents going through divorce or separation. Businesses including Asda, Tesco, Metro Bank, PwC and Unilever have partnered with the Positive Parenting Alliance (PPA) to promote more family-friendly policies for […]

The 7 Emotional Stages You’ll Go Through During and After Divorce.

  I always remind my clients that going through a Divorce is a process NOT an event and I firmly believe that it is similar to the grieving process described by the eminent American Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, that was inspired by her work with terminally ill patients. […]

Why Breaking Up Needn’t Be So Hard To Do.

I have a Divorce  Coaching Programme   that is designed to support you through the difficult time of separation and divorce that gives you clarity, direction and confidence. Conflict damages everyone – particularly your children. Here is an article in The Daily Mail about handling divorce through the Collaborative Process. After being told by her husband […]

Simple Tips for Coping with Separation and Divorce.

  I always tell my clients that divorce is a process not an event and that it is OK to feel that you are wading through treacle some days and feeling more empowered and hopeful in others.   It often feels like you take three steps forward and then one step back as getting used to […]

Divorce – Don’t Do It Alone

    We are Not Meant To Do It All By Ourselves Going through a divorce is painful, frightening and emotionally exhausting and making meaningful changes in our lives can be tough when we try to do it all by ourselves. We had dreams when we got married, we had a vision of how our […]

Divorce myths: The real financial truths.

I  support women emotionally  going through the harrowing time of divorce through my workshops, 1-2-1 personal coaching calls or group sessions but one area that is foremost on their mind and keeps them tossing and turning at night is how to handle their finances. Here is an article from an old school friend of mine […]

Is Making A Bucket List the Cure to Post-Breakup Depression?

  I love the idea of a Bucket List – a list of things you want to do before you ‘Kick The Bucket’ and leave this world. I wrote mine years ago and I take the list out from time to time to add new things I want to see, hear or experience as I […]

Divorcing In Your 50s: What It’s Really Like – Life from another Perspective.

I find myself  experiencing another of Life’s challenges – divorce in my  50’s. It was not something I planned or have enjoyed. In fact I have found it enormously challenging to accept that my ducks did not line up in the way I thought they would,  and I have experienced enormous disappointment, anger, frustration and grief […]

Focusing on strengthening families and encouraging responsibility

I work with many parents going through separation, divorce or break up as I have a Coaching Programme called “Successful Separation” and recently I have been talking to Collaborative Lawyers about how they can often lessen the stress associated with this  very painful process. I believe that “Divorce is a process – not an event” […]

A happy divorce: Why breaking up needn’t be so hard to do.

As you may know I have a Coaching Programme called “Successful Separation.” I am keen to spread the word to parents going through divorce, separation or break – up about Collaborative Law as a more child centred way to handle this very challenging experience and time of chnage. So here is an article in The […]

Successful Separation – Always Putting The Children First. Part 1

I work with many parents going through separation, divorce or troubled times as I run a 6 week  Coaching  Programme called “Successful Separation“ and one of the areas I help parents explore first  is the very important area of Communication.   The way parents exchanged information, shared their emotions or made joint decisions in the […]

What is Family Mediation?

I do a great deal of work with Collaborative Lawyers and Mediating Lawyers, as I believe putting your children at the heart of the divorce process is the best way to separate, regardless of  what’s happened to you, or your own emotions and feelings towards your ex. That’s why I am passionate about my One […]

For all single women

  The thing is: Obstacles aren’t there to impede you from getting to your destination; they’re there to prepare you for it. Every moment of the waiting is preparing you for what you’re waiting for. Every person who breaks your heart is preparing you for the one who never will. And every challenge, detour, obstacle […]