Divorcing In Your 50s: What It’s Really Like – Life from another Perspective.

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I find myself  experiencing another of Life’s challenges – divorce in my  50’s.

It was not something I planned or have enjoyed.

In fact I have found it enormously challenging to accept that my ducks did not line up in the way I thought they would,  and I have experienced enormous disappointment, anger, frustration and grief  around the lose of my dreams.

Life is not glamorous or forgiving  at times.

Yet a lovely client of mine with 5 children, five horses and a part time job in London has just emailed  me to tell me that her husband and herself are splitting up and can she come and see me this weekend to get clarity, direction and confidence in her next steps forward …. and that’s the beauty of coaching.

It is all about detaching from the story, staying true to the questions and helping people find the answers to their own questions – gently, slowly and with steady steps forward free from knee jerk reactions and anger.

Divorce is never an easy option but using my 5 Step Self Esteem Solution with my own family,  and with my many clients regardless of their age or circumstances,  I have found that you can move forward confidently, with dignity and with surer steps regardless of  the challenging and scary place you find yourself in and can make the impact of the transition easier on your children.

Here is an interesting article in The Huffington Post by Sharen Skelly about divorcing in your 50’s when the children have flown and you need to learn to fly again yourself  !


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