Divorce – Don’t Do It Alone

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We are Not Meant To Do It All By Ourselves

Going through a divorce is painful, frightening and emotionally exhausting and making meaningful changes in our lives can be tough when we try to do it all by ourselves. We had dreams when we got married, we had a vision of how our lives would look as our children grew up, and we had plans that now seem as if they didn’t amount to anything.

We feel bewildered, isolated and devastated and aren’t sure where to turn and what to do – especially at that lonely and terrifying time at 3am in the morning.

Without consistent, independent and professional support even our best intentions get overtaken by the stress and circumstances of our daily lives during a break up. We all seem to be rather blind and resistant to the changes forced upon us, yet we seem to dread asking for any help or advice.

Yet you are not alone and you are not a failure. Your maelstrom of conflicting emotions are perfectly normal at this time. Change is extremely hard to manage at times and I am that sounding board, supporter, and your personal champion while you pick up the broken pieces of your life.

Talking with friends over bottles of wine keeps us circling in negative loops and trapped in ‘Our Story.’ It doesn’t move us forward.

I offer you professional support free from finger pointing, judgement or criticism and I offer you insight and accountability that can help you make lasting breakthroughs at this important time. That is why people going through a divorce work with me on my ‘Putting The Children First Programme ‘ using my unique 5 Step Self Esteem Process’ that will quickly give you the confidence & clarity you are looking for.

There are so many decisions to be made and I specialise in helping you gain clarity, direction and confidence in those important decisions and I would love to talk with you, and to help you find out what you want to achieve through this challenging and difficult time, as it’s important that you get things right and have no regrets going forward.

Bringing up kids during and after a divorce isn’t always easy (and I know first hand as I’ve got two kids of my own ) but it needn’t be like that.

I offer you my many years of experience, my expertise, my patience, my compassion, my sense of humour and my integrity.

My passion is to make a difference to your family life and to give you clarity, direction and confidence in your decisions bringing you more happiness, harmony and fun back into your life again over time.

You can best reach me by calling 01883 818329 or by email at [email protected]


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