Is Making A Bucket List the Cure to Post-Breakup Depression?

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I love the idea of a Bucket List – a list of things you want to do before you ‘Kick The Bucket’ and leave this world.

I wrote mine years ago and I take the list out from time to time to add new things I want to see, hear or experience as I tick others off.

When I’m working with people learning to come to terms with their divorce I often get them to re – frame what has happened to them in a more positive light as it helps them feel there is a future out there that can be fun and meaningful again and I get them to write their ‘Break Up Bucket List. ‘

A lot of people often view their separation or divorce as a failure but why not see that part of your life as part of your learning and celebrate what it taught you?

So I read with interest this article in The Huffington Post.

The Breakup Bucket List, the brainchild of an American named Ali who lives in London, became Ali’s tool for surviving the breakup of her nine-year relationship. Instead of crawling into bed and pulling the covers over her head (which she admittedly wanted to do), she made a bucket list of things she hadn’t done in nine years — or ever, for that matter — and set out to accomplish 100 things in 2013.

Her Breakup Bucket List contains everything you could imagine, ranging from the simple (“Clean house of Ex’s things for a fresh start,” and “Get that odd job done,”) to the ambitious (“Be promoted at work,” “Fall in love”) to the whimsical (“Have drinks at London Gin Club,” “Play strip poker”) and the fantastic (“Be in a flash mob,” “Kiss someone in Paris”). As Ali checks each item off her list, she writes about it on her blog, My New Life: Things to Do. With honesty and openness, she shares her emotional journey as well as her progress through the list.

About six months into the list, Ali surprised herself by reaching her goal of 100. With more items left on the list, she kept going and doubled her target to 200. Now 14 months later, she has passed that milestone and is continuing on to 300.

Read her interview here and why not sit down with a cup of coffee, stick on your favourite music and have fun planning a future full of new, interesting and unusual experiences that will make your soul sing and your feet dance!


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