“Not Now, Bernard” – Is this you?

I read this story today with a class of 5/6 year olds during my “Confidence Classes for Kids” Workshop in a school to ask them if this ever happens to them at home, and how they feel about it, as of course I am passionate about building a child’s long term self esteem and feeling […]

Sooooo excited my daughter turns 18 today

I am so proud of my beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative, kind, resilient daughter who turns 18 today. She has had a very tough couple of years – she went to a Sixth Form College that she found very challenging for a year until I managed to get her into a really lovely College in Brighton which […]

25 Things Children Never Say !

Love this – add yours ! ‘Mummy is on the phone right now, so let’s entertain ourselves quietly.’ ‘I’m going to play with my toys now. I really do have so many of them.’ ‘I have a lot of homework tonight, I should get started.’ ‘We all decided that we want to watch the same […]

Can you ever be too loving? This week’s Parent Coaching Question

I’m writing a new book for Random House all about toddlers that will be out next year and I’ve been pondering whether as parents we can ever be toooo loving. I don’t think we can – because I’m not talking about spoiling them with gifts but spoiling them with love, TIME, hugs and the gift of listening […]

50 Lessons in Parenting Young Kids – what are your tips ?

Here’s a funny look at bringing up kids from The Huffington Post Super glue has no place in a house with young children. There is no such thing as allowing your kid to play with your phone “just once.” Don’t use Google to diagnose illnesses. Ever.  Train your children to clean up all Legos before […]

How James Brown is changing children’s lives !

Today I worked with the most lovely 12 year old who when asked what she was good at sat in silence for a very long time and said, “nothing” yet I know she is a great footballer, good at fractions, a great storyteller who writes with flair and good insights about her made up characters, […]