How James Brown is changing children’s lives !

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Today I worked with the most lovely 12 year old who when asked what she was good at sat in silence for a very long time and said, “nothing” yet I know she is a great footballer, good at fractions, a great storyteller who writes with flair and good insights about her made up characters, has good grades , lots of friends but has a very judgemental inner voice that bullies her into feeling not good enough, not worthy or not perfect.

We worked on her inner voice with Tappy Bear using Emotional Freedom Technique looked at building her inner muscle of belief and asked her Mum & Dad to only focus on what she gets right not what she gets wrong at home – building positive praise into the natural way of being at home. We wrote out  her “Success Diary” and transformed them into positive affirmations when she is brushing her teeth every morning and evening reinforcing the positive mindset with my Easy Button Technique .

We constantly played and sang James Brown’s brilliant song  I Feel Good which is brilliant for Confidence Building…..turn it up and bop about here now to make yourself feel good too !

She went home upbeat, relaxed, positive and more confident – I can’t wait to hear her news next week as confidence is a muscle  that needs to be exercised and worked on and I know she’ll succeed as she borrowed my belief in her – until she can completely believe in herself.

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Here’s a lovely couple of emails I received recently from other wonderful kids I’ve helped:

“Hi Sue, I am getting on really well. I am feeling more confident. I have a green pom pom in my pocket and I squeeze it every time I get angry or upset(although the does not happen often anymore). I am thinking about getting a green rug as my bubble of confidence to stand on when I get out of bed. Thank you for your help and tips Lots of love. Sophia

“Hello Sue, I don’t know if you remember me but you were my teacher way back between 1997-2004 and I know that  I’m a bit late in saying this but I’m also hugely thankful to you for being such a wonderful teacher and for all your encouragement. I’m now twenty years old and in my second year at University studying Economics in Paris (where I’ve been living since 2004). Hopefully one day our paths will meet again sometime. Sincerely Milena

“Hi miss Atkins
I don’t know if you remember me you  teached our class your confidence stuff in year 6 at our primary school.I’m Harry  you helped me with my public speaking and now I’m taking part in a BBC news report”

“Our 12 year old daughter was being teased on a daily basis. The more advice we gave her about these “mean bullies” the worse it got. Your simple techniques were easy to learn, easy to remember, and fun. You were devoted and caring and a true inspiration and you did whatever was needed to help Becky. Life for her is so different now. Everyone owes it to their child to use your techniques. I wish you lots of success for all the kids out there feeling unhappy, scared and unconfident.”
Chris Cooper from Aberdeen, Scotland

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