The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People

I’ve been working with a wondertful group of teachers who are really lovely but their time management skills leave them stressed out, burnt out and running on empty. I wrote my Teacher’s Bouncing Back Tookit especially for busy, stressed out teachers as I know 1st hand about managing time effectively as I used to be […]

20/20 Vision

I’m editing my chapter on Work-Life balance for chapter 7 of my new book at the moment and I’ve just had my eyes tested at Spec Savers this week and have just picked up some stylish new glasses. It reminded me of Allison Mitchell’s great book “Time Management for Manic Mums” where she talks about […]

Are you often exhausted as a parent? Here’s the antidote !

  Are you often exhausted as a parent? Do you regularly feel drained, overwhelmed and off-balance when it comes to raising your kids? It’s difficult and challenging raising children and even more challenging when you have a child with behavioural problems, like ADHD or Autism or a child who is frequently defiant or even just […]

Running on Empty?

    In keeping with this week’s theme of “Running on Empty” here are some practical ways to manage your overwhelm around housework !  Take control of the housework.  1. Would you say you are constantly on the go?  2. Would you say you have a constant to-do list in your head?  3. Write down […]

How do you spend your 84,600 minutes ?

In keeping with my work/life balance theme to my blogs this week here is a truly lovely short video to help you master your time…. It’s a busy, stressful and overwhelming world at times so take a couple of  of your 84,600 minutes that you will have today to stop, breath deeply and slowly 3 times […]