Running on Empty?

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Running on Empty


In keeping with this week’s theme of “Running on Empty” here are some practical ways to manage your overwhelm around housework !

 Take control of the housework.

 1. Would you say you are constantly on the go?

 2. Would you say you have a constant to-do list in your head?

 3. Write down your main energy drainer that eats away at your energy and vitality?

 4.  Write down how you organise your house work.

 5.  Would you say that you are in control of it or do you feel things just keep randomly cropping up?

 6.  What would you have to think and do differently, to eliminate some of these energy drainers from your life forever?

 7.  Would it help if you looked at different ways to take control of the house work?

Imagine you have a camcorder on your shoulder for the rest of this week – notice all the things you do.

Now pretend that you are a detached kindly observer in your house, what things could you easily and quickly delegate to either your children, your partner or someone else ?

What would that give you – in terms of time, energy and stress relief?

So what’s stopping you ?

Here’s a little quiz to get you pondering ……..just relax and answer these questions quickly and see what you discover…..

 Time Tension Table Quiz !

I feel I have too much time and too little time to do it

I don’t have as much time as I’d like to enjoy my children

Thinking about everything that needs doing makes me feel tense, tired and overwhelmed.

I do things rather than ask someone else to do them because it’s quicker

I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my children

I create mental “to do” lists

I spend more time thinking and worrying about what I have to do than just doing it !

I find it hard to say “no” when people ask me to do things!

I find things for my children to do so that I can get on with the housework or cooking or ironing

I rarely have any “me” time when I can feel relaxed and do what I want to do, because there is always so much to do.

? Which activity do you spend most time on?

? Which activity do you spend least time on?

 ? How long are you spending on housework?

? How long would you like to spend on it? 

? At what time of the day do you want to schedule it in?

? How realistic, do you think that is?

? Would it help if you delegated some of your tasks?

? Do you think you could stick to that ideal schedule for seven days?

? When you get to the end of your scheduled time, and you haven’t finished all the house work that you’ve set yourself do you think you could leave it alone?

? What’s stopping you?

? What could you do, to give yourself a great incentive to finish on time?

So what’s it like to feel positive and in control of the housework instead of having it control you?

 Imagine yourself feeling in control of the house work. 

What do you look like? 

How do you feel? 

What’s different about you?

 On a scale of one to 10 how committed are you in doing this for seven days? 


Get clear

Get specific

ASK for help – (women aren’t very good at this !)

Delegate – the task not the responsibility.

“Find  Me” time – draw a circle and put spokes in it and add a little something for you in each segment – i.e. have e a hot foamy bath with scented candle, read a book or trashy magazine with a cup of coffee, walk the dog, phone a friend for a chat – one that uplifts you not makes you feel worse !  ( No pity Party – No Blame Game – energy vampires! ) 

Decide, discard and delegate  – it’s a new strategy and plan to free up your energy !

Write in your Positive Parents Journal all the small things that went well that day – last thing at night so you fall asleep happy, and wake up raring to go !  Your unconscious loves this one !!

Write things down – it makes you feel more in control – then TICK things off as it makes you feel WONDERFUL – back in charge and driving the bus – and melts away misery, victim and resentment !!!

 Decide – set just one goal today and achieve it

 Discard – is this important – prioritise things in order of importance   – is it a NEED TO or WANT TO. This makes  a BIG difference to your energy ….. want to, choose to, elect to, decide to…… are far more empowering and motivational words

 Delegate  – Think – short term gain ….. long term disaster ! What does it teach the kids long term, what will it bring to our family life as a whole – think of how great they will be as fathers or mothers as they will have skills and independence from learning to help !

 Celebrate your successes  !

Have a great week now implimenting what you’ve discovered 🙂

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