Digital Wellness Tips for Parents & Children

‘The New Digital Divide’ is digital wellness — which means responsible and healthy relationships with technology — all part of overall children & student wellbeing which is an essential 21st-century skill. It is not uncommon that children spend 6 to 8 hours on digital screens every day. Some children are taught knowledge and skills necessary […]

What does ‘family’ mean to you?

I have been working with a family this week around what ‘family’ means to each family member – because it means different things to each of us. Every family is unique, special & different and every family member perceives their place within the family differently – there’s no one size that fits all & that’s […]

Siblings without the rivalry – my quick tips

I’ve just been interviewed by a journalist about sibling rivalry so here are my quick tips about positive and  healthy ways to manage it. If you’d like to find out more of my ideas, strategies and practical tips there’s more in Chapter 13 of my internationally published book  “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” on Amazon   or you […]

FAST – Families and Schools Together

Help may be at hand for you if you are guilt-ridden, time-poor parents who always think you’re not quite up to the mark! Parenting is fantastic, rewarding and the most important job in the world but sometimes it’s tough, challenging and time-consuming. A new parenting technique called FAST could be the answer to stop you […]

When homelife changes – finding a new path.

This family I began working with were struggling under the pressures of a divorce, a pending move, arguments and stressful exams. They needed support to rebuild their confidence & to learn to listen and hear each other more. Here’s my example of how one-page profiles can be used to support families experiencing divorce as part of the 100 […]

5 top tips for using one-page profiles in divorce.

I am delighted to have been published today as part of 100 stories spreading the word about the very  powerful One Page Profile process and how they can be used to transform lives from birth to the end of life. Follow the individual journeys of people who use services, families, and staff, across education, health and social care.  […]

Are you joining me at The Sunday Times Education Festival?

I’m delighted and thrilled to be a speaker at The Sunday Times Educational  Festival  next Saturday. I’ll be speaking about One Page Profiles in education and in families. I’ve recently been interviewed by The Sunday Times so click on the link to read what I think about class sizes 🙂 This Festival really is the […]