Parenting Made Easy ! Episode 30 of The Sue Atkins Parenting Show covering bullying, homework, mental health, smacking & terrorism.

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In this jam packed episode we have put together a compilation of all the best bits of the last 6 months of The Sue Atkins Show covering the age old problems of smacking, doing homework, pocket money, helping mums and dads support their teenager’s mental health, tips to prevent & support your child if they find themselves being bullied, to advice & suggestions around controlling your kids’ mobile phone use & what to do if your child is accessing pornography.

The Sue Atkins Parenting Show is a free, weekly podcast from TV and radio parenting expert, Sue Atkins. Parenting can be a frustrating, overwhelming and challenging business but it can also be a huge joy, privilege and source of inspiration. Sue’s vision is to inspire millions, one parent at a time building confidence, positivity and harmony within families, enhancing and fine tuning, not judging, criticising or blaming.

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