Are you joining me at The Sunday Times Education Festival?

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Posted by: Sue Atkins

times ed festival

I’m delighted and thrilled to be a speaker at The Sunday Times Educational  Festival  next Saturday.

I’ll be speaking about One Page Profiles in education and in families.

I’ve recently been interviewed by The Sunday Times so click on the link to read what I think about class sizes 🙂

This Festival really is the place to hear from and debate with key individuals including the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector and Head of  Ofsted, Michael Wilshaw and Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg. There’s also many more top name speakers too.

For parents you’ll discover everything you need to know about social media Including a session on Facebook privacy, by Facebook.

There’s also…..

Calmer, happier parenting
Oxford & Cambridge explained
The trouble with boys
Exploring the teenage brain and mind
Maths for parents
Helping your child with spelling
How to help your child choose the right career
Join us here
I’m off to practice my Prezi !
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