The Sue Atkins Parent Question

Coaching questions help you to bridge the gap between where you are now, to where you would like to be in your family relationships. Every week I post up a question for you to ponder & reflect on. Some people find it helpful to save the question on their phone to see each morning to […]

The Sue Atkins 6 Step Parent Coaching Process

My 6 Step Process   Time to grab a cup of coffee and ponder ….. let me know what you discover !   1. What Do You Want? 2. By When Do You Want It? 3. What Will That Give You? 4. How Will You Know That You Have It? 5. What Will Be The Benefits […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

What if I could?   The aim of my weekly coaching question is to get you pondering on the bigger picture to your parenting so pop the question  on your fridge and reflect on it over the week and see what changes come up for you 🙂

The Sue Atkins Weekly Coaching Question

  Going the extra mile  When we have done our best , we can await the results in peace.” ~Unknown I don’t know who said this, but I do know that they were right on target. My kids are both studying for their exams at the moment and I have helped them set some studying […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

Write down a problem you are having at the moment. Now list 10 specific actions you can take to resolve or at least improve this situation. Stay writing until you have 10 small things you can do, say or take action on. This will move you from problem thinking into solution thinking. Firstly, there’s a […]

The Sue Atkins Weekly Parent Coaching Question

How can I make more “WE ” time this week with my partner or more “ME” time so I feel relaxed and happy and can create this happy atmosphere around our home so the kids feel safe, nurtured and relaxed too?   Download your copy of Sue’s Ebook How to give your kids the gift of self-esteem […]

Hello – you fantastic star!

Hello  – you fantastic star! Are you ready for a mind-blowing, heart –opening, life changing moment? Well, every Monday I pose a Weekly Parent Coaching Question that I’ve asked hundreds of parents around the world over the years to help them address certain aspects of their parenting and their lives. I’ve found that most parents […]