The Sue Atkins Weekly Coaching Question

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The Sue Atkins Weekly Coaching Question

Going the extra mile

 When we have done our best , we can await the results in peace.”

I don’t know who said this, but I do know that they were right on target.

My kids are both studying for their exams at the moment and I have helped them set some studying goals as goals keep them focused on the important things in their week. We also worked out some small rewards at the end of each day to keep them motivated and  looking forward to something. I’ve even got them listening to their own mum’s CDs which is no mean feat!

Sometimes we set out with great enthusiasm to reach our goals, but occasionally there are circumstances that set us back. Some within our control…some not. But there is something wonderfully fulfilling when I know deep down that I’ve done my best and I’ve tried to pass this on to my kids – that’s it’s important to just go the extra mile……

Committing to excellence is not an act, it’s an attitude. It’s an attitude that is captured in this short poem titled:

And Then Some…

“And then some…
These three little words are the secret to success.
They are the difference between average people and top
people in most companies.
The top people always do what is expected…
and then some.
They are thoughtful of others; they are considerate
and kind…and then some.
They meet their responsibilities fairly and squarely…
and then some.
They are good friends and helpful neighbours…
and then some.
They can be counted on in an emergency…
and then some.
I am thankful for people like this, for they make
the world a better place. Their spirit of service is
summed up in these three little words…
And then some.”

If we carry the attitude of “And Then Some”…throughout our life just think what we can achieve.

  • So how can you help your kids stay motivated and studying productively without nagging?
  • How can you encourage and support them during this busy and stressful time?
  • What  small things can you do differently that would make a big difference to you all?
  • How can you encourage them to have the attitude of “And Then Some…..” and go the extra mile?

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