Hello – you fantastic star!

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Hello  – you fantastic star!
Are you ready for a mind-blowing, heart –opening, life changing moment?

Well, every Monday I pose a Weekly Parent Coaching Question that I’ve asked hundreds of parents around the world over the years to help them address certain aspects of their parenting and their lives.

I’ve found that most parents worry about the same sorts of things – their lack of patience, their lack of time, their lack of balance, their lack of consistency, their lack of confidence or the lack of fun and laughter in their relationships.

Bringing up happy, confident, well- behaved kids is a challenging business and you’ve probably tried things that didn’t work, lost your confidence or reverted back to the way you were brought up. But my coaching questions are designed to help you find new ways to do things, fresh ways of thinking and new answers to old problems that move you forward in your relationships.

I ask the questions to help you find your own answers as one size doesn’t always fit all !

But what is VERY important to me is that you accept that who you are NOW is amazing.

You are not lacking anything.

You are not wrong or bad.

You are not broken or troubled or in need of therapy.

You are simply curious, intrigued and open to exploring new ways to do things that will help you to be the best parent you can be, and empower you to raise happy, confident, independent children with strong self esteem.

When I work with my clients I get them to print off the weekly coaching question and to pop it up somewhere prominent and easy to see regularly so that they can ponder it over the week.

I also coach them weekly on my Clarity, Confidence or Mastery  Programmes to keep them bubbling along, motivated, championed, excited and accountable to the changes that they want to make, as we all wobble, make mistakes and get things wrong and need that smiling voice to believe in us when we fall over and feel fed up.

I want you to print off the question and post up on my blog here me in a week’s time with how you got on, as this will hold you accountable to the changes that you want to make in your life from today and will encourage others too – deal?

Right …… let’s get started ……

Just relax, grab a cup of coffee and a pen and write down all the things you want your kids to tell their children one day about their childhood and you? What’s the BEST thing about having you as their parent?

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