‘The Alternative To Smacking’ Checklist.

As France bans parents from hitting their children & England  discusses it. The debate rages on…. If you have just entered into a disciplinary arms race with your kids, then smacking is NOT the answer. Parenting doesn’t have to be a battle. Using positive discipline, you CAN teach your kids to behave without threats, bribes, […]

85 Children’s Books About Friendship

  I get asked a great deal about friendship issues whether they are between toddlers or kids entering into their teenage years full of angst & hormones! If you read a story to your kids about friendship issues it often takes the pressure off  them & offers you a more natural opportunity to chat with […]

Tips for Dealing with Your Kids Friendship Challenges

We’ve all been there ….. your child comes home upset and distressed about falling out with their friend or friends at school. You feel helpless or protective and want to rush out and sort it all out for your child…… but here’s a few practical tips…… Younger children are egocentric ( which is a perfectly […]

Sue Atkins: I love outdoor play because…

Outdoor play, climbing trees and riding bikes I used to love taking my kids to the park when they were young and watching them run off to chase our dogs, jump, hide, shout, whistle, climb and explore the natural world. Wrapped up warm with jumpers and wellies they always arrived back home with rosy cheeks, […]

What Children Worry About According to Their Age & What to Do to Help.

We aren’t the only ones who struggle with fear, worry, anxiety & stress – children do, too. Research suggests that children’s concerns tend to differ & vary according to their age groups, or their stages of development. As any parent knows, children vary in their personalities, temperament & character – some babies are more relaxed, […]

Teaching kids to let go of their worries.

I go into lots of schools doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and After School Club and I always do a Garden Of Dreams visualisation that helps children to let go of their worries, anxieties and stresses. But here is another tool that I use: The Hug Me Tree Imagine that there is a […]