The Behaviour Blogs Part 1 ~ Do You Find Disciplining Your Children Difficult? Look No Further!

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Do you find disciplining your children difficult?

The funny thing about discipline is you only really notice it when it’s not there. As a former Deputy Head and teacher for 22 years I’ve seen loads of perfectly well behaved kids -who I’ve been teaching all day -run out into the playground to meet their parents and turn into the children from Hell – horrible out of control monsters – whining, moaning, demanding and running wild while their confused and baffled parents look on helplessly wondering what to do or say to reign them in.

We all know parents, friends and even family who are out of control. You know – the kids you dread to see at the front door because they whine all afternoon, beat up your cat or your kids and demand “juice” all the time. Or you’ll know the parents who let their kids stay up all night on their ipad or on social media chatting and talking, allow them to come home at all hours and allow them alco pops or beer in their garden at BBQ’s and they are only 14 !!

But getting co-operation from kids has never been easy – it’s always been a problem since time began.

But how come some parents have got it “sorted” “sussed” or “mastered” – What’s their magic formulae?

What are these parents doing “right?”

Well, parents who are successfully disciplining their kids do it for one simple reason:

It makes life with children easier.

Disciplining your kids – fairly, and firmly makes your life easier and more rewarding – it makes your life and theirs run smoother in the long run.

Taking the long term view is crucial to successful parenting whether it is in deciding the destination of your parenting in the first place or setting boundaries and having rules – giving kids discipline is vital and is next to unconditional love in my opinion.

Giving in to kids doesn’t make your life easier – it sends out the message that you don’t care enough about your own principles or care enough about them to set them boundaries of love.

By not setting clear, concise boundaries everyone’s life is more chaotic, stressful and insecure – as no one knows exactly where they are.

What can you do today to make a small change that will make a big difference over time?


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