Teaching kids to let go of their worries.

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I go into lots of schools doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and After School Club and I always do a Garden Of Dreams visualisation that helps children to let go of their worries, anxieties and stresses.

But here is another tool that I use:

The Hug Me Tree

Imagine that there is a tree called the “Hug Me” tree. It is so big and has so many branches that it can take away all your child’s worries for them.

Encourage your child to draw or write about any worries they might have and hang them on the branches. You can use the Hug Me tree at night to help your child let go of them before bedtime and they can hang up their worries before they go to sleep… just help them to relax and to picture it in their imagination if that’s easier.

Perhaps you could print out their Hug Me Tree and you could spend half an hour chatting and colouring in the tree with your child and help them feel supported, understood & loved.

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