How Do YOU Handle The Playground Mafia?

As regular readers know I used to be a Deputy Head and class teacher for 22 years and as a Mum too who used to stand outside the school gate waiting for my kids I used to overhear lots of gossip, mis – information and down right unkind comments sometimes. Here’s an article about what we […]

Can you ever be too loving? This week’s Parent Coaching Question

I’m writing a new book for Random House all about toddlers that will be out next year and I’ve been pondering whether as parents we can ever be toooo loving. I don’t think we can – because I’m not talking about spoiling them with gifts but spoiling them with love, TIME, hugs and the gift of listening […]

Addicted to your cellphone? What are your kids learning from YOU ?

I wrote an article awhile back called “The Addictive Nature of Apples and Blackberries” about the addictive nature of our smartphones – as I got a new Blackberry and got very excited every time i saw the red light go off. I’ve also written about the little girl I saw on a London bus obviously […]

How James Brown is changing children’s lives !

Today I worked with the most lovely 12 year old who when asked what she was good at sat in silence for a very long time and said, “nothing” yet I know she is a great footballer, good at fractions, a great storyteller who writes with flair and good insights about her made up characters, […]

The Sue Atkins Wednesday Parenting Story To Ponder

The Scroll This week I have been pondering stress as I am giving a talk on it later today for a group of women at the WeLL Association inLondon. Here is this week’s story from my never ending notebook and everlasting pencil.  The Scroll There was a young (well, sort of) girl, who possessed a […]

How to change your thinking.

Suppose today you changed your thinking from “We’ve got a problem” to ” We face a challenge” Now how does that sound? Now how does that look? Now how does that feel ? OK – job done ! 🙂