Addicted to your cellphone? What are your kids learning from YOU ?

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I wrote an article awhile back called “The Addictive Nature of Apples and Blackberries” about the addictive nature of our smartphones – as I got a new Blackberry and got very excited every time i saw the red light go off.

I’ve also written about the little girl I saw on a London bus obviously up in London for a trip out with her Dad at Half Term who was being totally ignored as her Dad was constantly texting instead of talking to her 🙁

So as usual we have created a name for this condition called “Nomophobia” and “Nomophobia,” or the fear of being separated from one’s cellphone, is on the rise, according to a new study. WTVJ-TV’s Adam Kuperstein reports.


Dr. Mitch Spero, director of child and family psychologists in Broward County, said it was common to see problems arise because of cellphone use.


“Cellphones are tools that should be used to enhance our lives,” he warned, “not to destroy our interpersonal communication skills with those that we love.”

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