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The Scroll

This week I have been pondering stress as I am giving a talk on it later today for a group of women at the WeLL Association inLondon.

Here is this week’s story from my never ending notebook and everlasting pencil.

 The Scroll

There was a young (well, sort of) girl, who possessed a lot of gifts. She loved sharing these gifts because it made people happy and that made the girl happier too. She often dreamed of herself as rich and successful, and that made her happy too.

She had learned many things under a great man of wisdom from a far away land. The man was a travelling hermit, and she would never know if she would learn from him again, so she sought his followers and found out more about the great wisdom that he had observed from other great masters.

She became a master herself. Being around those who knew the knowledge she was enthused and happy, and helped a great many people. But she knew she had to leave and join the world of warriors and merchants, and she was scared by those sorts of people and their world. She knew she had gifts to give them, but she didn’t know how to do it.

One day, whilst in the world of warriors and merchants, she noticed how, although she was full of knowledge and her mind was full of great ideas, her water well was drying up and due to thirst her legs were so heavy she could hardly put one foot in front of another. She was becoming weak. The weaker she became the less she dreamed…….

Then one day she received a scroll. It was from another wise man who was also a merchant and a warrior. The scroll told her about lots of things she could learn in order to be excellent. It reminded her of the power of dreams and that night she dreamed about being successful, so she could share more of her gifts.

In the morning she decided to gather all her courage to ask the wise man one question:

“How can you be wise man, a master, a warrior and a merchant all at the same time?”

The girl sent the scroll and waited knowing there would be an answer sooner or later.

What is this story saying to you today?

How can it help you release your stress?

How can you trust your intuition and unconscious to release your fears?

How can you be wise man, a master, a warrior and a merchant all at the same time?

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