Practical Tips for Parents to Get Kids ‘School Ready’

  I’m a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for 22 years so I know first hand about teaching Reception Class children – I taught 35 four year olds! I’ve also raised 2 children. So, I’m rather shocked by the new survey by Early Years charity Kindred² 93% of teachers say their school is increasing […]

Time for a Toddler Tale? A simple story for toddlers about potty training.

  Time for a Toddler Tale? A simple story for toddlers about potty training  Puddles and the Tale of Wet Tail the Dolphin Once upon a time in a lush bamboo forest, there lived a little panda named Puddles. Puddles loved lots of things, but his favourite thing in all the world was ice cream! […]

10 Of The Best Potty Training Books To Read With Your Toddler.

  Here are 10 of the best potty training books for children to start those big conversations with little people from MadeForMums MadeForMums reviews are independent and based on expertise and testing. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our product choices. On average, […]

Toddlers, Sleep and A Sense of Humour !

Sleep Almost all babies have erratic sleep patterns to begin with, which most parents expect, and just when you thought you’d got them into some sort of rhythm and pattern…. things change! It’s very common for toddlers to start waking up in the night when they had previously slept through, or to have difficulty in […]

Potty Training Tips: Poo Problems

  I get asked a lot about why toddlers and young children are happy to wee in the toilet, but not so happy to do anything else, or why some children hold onto their poo. One of the most common and frustrating toilet-training roadblocks is when a child happily wees in the potty but demands […]

Cómo Enseñarle a tu Hijo a Ir al Baño Sin Lágrimas

Dejar atrás los pañales lleva tiempo y paciencia, tanto para los padres como para los preescolares. Aprender a ir al baño no ocurrirá de la noche a la mañana, es un proceso gradual de aprendizaje del autocontrol. Aquí hay algunos tips. Read more here Espera a que tu hijo muestre señales de que está listo, como estar […]

Potty Training Made Easy!

On average, most children begin learning to use a potty by around their second birthday, but, as with everything in children’s development, each child is different. Up to the age of 20 months, toddlers’ bladders need to empty often, and their muscles aren’t always fully developed which makes it difficult for them to master holding […]

A ‘Can Do ‘ Kid starts as a toddler.

I was talking on BBC Radio Suffolk today about children not being able to use a knife and fork or go to the toilet when they start Nursery or even school, and that children’s teeth are so decayed  that teachers are being asked to supervise children in school brushing their teeth! As a former Deputy Head and a […]

Soiling (Encopresis)

    I’ve been working with a client going through a divorce and her 4 year old has been having accidents and whilst most parents assume that kids who soil their pants are simply misbehaving and being naughty or lazy, the truth is often that their child has a condition known as encopresis. This little […]

Sue Atkins’s Famous Potty Training Tips !

Today I am on The Jeremy Vine Show discussing the problem of children starting school not able to go to the toilet by themselves. So here is my advice on The Boots website. Does it feel like your child will still be wearing nappies on their wedding day? The good news is you’ll probably have cracked potty training by then! It […]

Scandal of Britain’s lazy parents.

As my regular readers will know I used to be a  Deputy Head teacher and  I also taught Reception  Class children starting school. So I was surprised to read about the rising number of children still in  nappies when they start primary school. Staff say they are increasingly forced to  disrupt classes to change pupils or […]

Be Strong Enough To Be Gentle

Today I read this wonderful quote on the very delightful Victoria Chart Company Facebook page. “Be strong enough to be gentle. Too many parents equate being gentle with being weak or passive when nothing could be further from the truth. Gentleness requires great control, active connection, and intense calm. So, when your child needs discipline, […]