Time for a Toddler Tale? A simple story for toddlers about potty training.

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Time for a Toddler Tale?

A simple story for toddlers about potty training 

Puddles and the Tale of Wet Tail the Dolphin

Once upon a time in a lush bamboo forest, there lived a little panda named Puddles. Puddles loved lots of things, but his favourite thing in all the world was ice cream!

Every time the ice cream van rolled through the forest; Puddles was always the first in line. He would gobble up his ice cream so quickly, he didn’t even have time to enjoy the yummy, delicious flavour!

But there was one thing that Puddles was struggling with- and that was using his potty.

Although he was a big boy now, he just couldn’t seem to get the hang of using the potty.

His parents tried everything to help – they bought him a colourful little potty, read him potty stories, and even offered him treats for every successful trip to the toilet. But nothing seemed to work.

One day, Puddles was enjoying his favourite treat, an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, when he suddenly felt an urgent need to go on the potty.

He tried to hold it in as he waddled quickly back home. But just as he was about to make it to his potty, the unthinkable happened – he had an accident!

His little panda face turned red with embarrassment as he cried out to his family.

As they comforted him, Puddles felt so embarrassed that he didn’t want to leave the house.

He didn’t want to see any of his friends or enjoy any of his favourite things. His family knew they had to do something to help lift their little panda’s spirits, so they decided to take him on a trip.

They travelled to the nearby ocean and Puddles couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the beautiful blue water and playful dolphins jumping out of the waves.

His Mummy introduced him to Wet Tail the Dolphin, a baby dolphin who told him all about his struggles with potty training too.

Wet Tail felt so embarrassed about his accidents that he thought he would never fit in with the other dolphins.

But with a little help from his friends and family, Wet Tail learned to overcome his potty mishaps and went on to become one of the best swimmers in the ocean.

Puddles understood how Wet Tail felt too. Puddles realised everyone struggles with the potty at first.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of ‘I CAN’ within him. He realised that it was okay to make mistakes, as long as he kept trying and never gave up.

He decided that he would try again with the potty and not get discouraged.

And do you know what?

It worked!

Puddles soon became a potty training pro, and he was so proud of himself.

He even got a special treat from his family as a reward.

From that day on, Puddles never felt embarrassed again and always remembered the story of Wet Tail the Dolphin as a reminder to keep trying, no matter what.

And as for his love of ice cream?

Well, let’s just say that Puddles was the happiest panda in the bamboo forest, enjoying every creamy, delicious lick.

It didn’t take long until Puddles got the idea & felt proud of himself for using the potty all by himself.

He enjoyed wearing his big boy pants and no nappy and he really loved pulling down the toilet roll when he started to use the toilet!!!

It’s easy to use the potty when you practise but it’s even easier when you have a loved one to help and cheer you on.

The important thing to remember about this story is that Wet Tail the Dolphin taught Puddles to never give up and always keep trying, even if he made mistakes along the way.

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