Scandal of Britain’s lazy parents.

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Reception schoolchildren aged four to five

As my regular readers will know I used to be a  Deputy Head teacher and  I also taught Reception  Class children starting school.

So I was surprised to read about the rising number of children still in  nappies when they start primary school.

Staff say they are increasingly forced to  disrupt classes to change pupils or clear up ‘accidents’ because parents believe  toilet training is a school’s job !

Er ……..”NO!” it’s the parents job !

Of course children need help with doing up their coat buttons &  putting on their wellies but by 5 I expected the children to be able to go to the loo by themselves and of course children have the odd accident but I can’t believe kids are starting school in nappies !

Teachers also report that children are  generally less independent, needing help with putting on coats and changing for  PE. Some claim parents are too busy to teach their children basic life  skills.

Almost two-thirds of 850 primary school staff  polled said they had seen an increase over the past five years in the number of  pupils wetting or soiling themselves.

The figure rose to 71 per cent among teachers  working with three to five-year-olds, and some schools have been forced to put  on parent workshops to help with toilet training.

The findings do not refer to youngsters with  special needs or health problems.

Surely this is a basic life skill that children need to learn at home.

Don’t even get me started on how to hold a knife and fork as I was in a lovely school in Caterham the other day running my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and I popped into the dining hall and was appalled to see kids not using their knives and forks properly  and it wasn’t just a few –  LOADS of them had not been taught this  basic skill either !

What are your thoughts?

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