The Baby Blogs. Day 19 – Preparing Your Older Child for Your New Arrival

Having a new baby is very exciting but your older child may worry about what all the changes may mean to them as for the last year or two they have probably been the centre of your universe so it’s a good idea to prepare them for this exciting new arrival.  Here’s my Amazon best selling […]

It’s time to ditch the new-mum guilt.

            My interview with Gurgle Hey, New Mum, meet Guilt. Guilt will be moving in for a while (well, indefinitely), and you two will be well acquainted in no time. Rather like your newborn, (seriously, if you don’t decide on a name soon, this child will start thinking it is […]

Support for New Mums & Mental Wellbeing During the Coronavirus & Lock Down

It goes without saying that these are very challenging times for pregnant and new born mums. I am doing a Instagram Live with Bloom Classes to offer some practical tips during this lock down but for advice and support that is designed to help you find the latest information and answers to any questions you […]

Stop the Lonely Mummy Trap – my article in The Sun.

I was delighted to have been asked for my tips for The Sun newspaper about feeling isolated as a Mum after Stacey Solomon finally left her house FOUR WEEKS after giving birth to baby Rex. She’s not alone as Adele also struggled with fears and anxieties about leaving the safety of home after having a […]

What I’ll say to Adele……

I’m honoured to be speaking at The House of Commons again. This time I’m speaking on ‘The Effects of PND on Family Relationships And The Importance of Parenthood Education.’ I love Adele and seeing her live in Concert is on my Bucket List. I’m really glad that she has spoken out about suffering from PND […]

Looking for the signs of Post Natal Depression.

I have recently been working with a lovely Mum who has two children aged 6 and 3.  She’s been having problems with setting up consistent boundaries around her children due to her constant nagging feelings of guilt over suffering from Post Natal Depression with her first child 6 years ago. She is not uncommon. Lots of Mums suffer […]

The Hidden Side of Life – Depression

I was really moved to watch a sporting hero of mine Freddie Flintoff talking about Depression – we need more people to open up and discuss this very real problem so people feel supported, nurtured and understood. Watch it here on BBC i player Flintoff: Depression is crippling… I cried in front of my […]

Topic of The Month – overwhelm, stress and depression

I often work with people who feel at times helpless to change their current circumstances, or feel trapped, or that there is no-one who can help. Depression often follows anger and helplessness where I find the parent is literally beating themselves up. Many times people that suffer from depression are extremely intelligent, very sensitive and […]