HELP – It’s the Horrible Homework Hour. Tips to Stop Homework Battles.

They’re home, they’re fed, the telly’s off and now it’s the Homework Horror Hour! A recent survey carried out by the Government’s “Get On” Campaign reveals that 7 in 10 parents are wary of helping their children with their homework and are finding it increasingly difficult to understand and lend a hand in their children’s […]

Your ADHD Child and Homework

    Minimising homework and study battles with your attention deficit disorder (ADD /ADHD) child & helping them succeed in homework is often about separating out the tasks into 20 minute chunks and reinforcing their positive behaviour with specific praise. Below are some hints, tips and techniques to get you started. When? Plan homework for a set […]

Generation Xbox: ‘Alarming’ drop in fathers helping children to read

There’s an alarming study out by The Literacy Trust  showing a drop in the number of fathers encouraging their children to read 🙁 The study by the National Literacy Trust shows one in three dads give no reading encouragement to their children to read at all – a 30 per cent increase over the past […]

So Have You Finished Your Homework Yet?

  Today I’m delighted to have Naimish Gohil a full time Teacher, Entrepreneur, Educator and Founder at Show My Homework – A Platform for Tracking & Monitoring Homework. “A couple of days ago, I was on the train heading home and it was about 5.15pm when I over heard a mother talking to her […]

Help it’s the homework hour – podcast

  I have been coaching a group of  lovely parents this week after the school drop off and one of the “hot topics” this week was HOMEWORK ! So in this episode of my Parenting Expert Podcast, I discuss practical and simple ways to get homework done quickly, easily and pain free!   So grab a […]