Having trouble getting your kids to do their homework? There’s an app for that !

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I love exploring Twitter as you know and today I came across an app to help organise your kids homework !

With myHomework kids can easily know what’s due and when so they will never forget a homework assignment again ! Well that’s the idea anyway ! 🙂

The free app includes:
– Track your classes, homework, tests, assignments
– Time & Block based class schedules
– Beautiful calendar display
– iPhone Retina display support
– Multitasking support
– Universal (Both iPhone and iPad)

myHomework is also available on the web so you can quickly sync and access your homework from your computer at https://myhomeworkapp.com/

With the optional $1.99 online account you get:
– Sync to your iPhone, iPad and Android devices
– Access anywhere, anytime at myhomeworkapp.com
– Receive homework reminders on your device (notifications)
– Facebook Single Sign-On



Here’s my tips for sorting out the dreaded Homework Horror Hour !

Help it’s the homework hour – podcast

HELP – It’s The Horrible Homework Hour !

Here is a really helpful checklist for children with ADHD around homework from my very wonderful friend and Family Coach Dr Lynne Kenney author of The Family Coach Method.



Fancy downloading my Parenting Made Easy App The Secret To Well Behaved kids  for less than a latte ?

Here it is for your iPad & iPhone

And now it’s available on Android too !


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