Great Reasons for Family Dinners !

I’ve just discovered this super site Blog For Family Dinner  from exploring Twitter. Come and join in ……. “We often hear about the long-term benefits of family dinner. Nonetheless, as busy parents, it can be hard to think about health and social benefits that are far down the road when you are just trying to […]

Get a wriggle on

We all know that exercise is good for us, but new guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer say that this shouldn’t be limited to trips to the gym or jogging to work. Instead we should be thinking about encouraging physical activity from a really young age – before a child is five. The new guidelines […]

Mad isn’t Bad !

Today I am really thrilled to have my friend Wendy Young as my guest blogger. Wendy is the mum of three, an award winning Child & Family Therapist and the founder of Kidlutions: Solutions for Kids. Here is her excellent asticle on handling anger. “Does your child get angry? That’s what I thought! Anger is […]

Sports Parties for Kids with Disabilities

Today’s guest blogger is a man with a vision and a passion for “Sport For All” including children that have learning and physical disabilities. I met Gary Marlow from Marlow Sports  at my friend Julia’s fabulous  WineEntwine   wine tasting event to raise funds for the NSPCC  a couple of weeks ago and I was […]

Tips for Dealing with Friendship Challenges

  Today I am delighted to have Annie Fox Author of many wonderful books including Middle School Confidential™ Annie’s new book series for 11-14 year olds as my guest blogger discussing:  Tips for Dealing with Friendship Challenges By Annie Fox M.Ed  “Just as we did when they were toddlers, we need to continue teaching our […]

Preparing Your Preteen to Spend Time Home Alone

It’s my great pleasure to introduce the very lovely Suzanna Narducci from the excellent Tween Parent Website With no other website or publication specifically focused on the parenting of pre-teens, this excellent site offers interesting articles, a robust Community Forum, a unique Tween Dictionary.  Go and explore their site, sign up for their e-newsletter… join their community […]