Weight loss expert and presenter of Sky Livings “Fat Families” Steve Miller is my guest blogger today

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Today I am delighted to have Steve Miller the weight loss expert and presenter of Sky’s “Fat Families” as my guest blogger.

Hypnotherapy helping mums lose weight

Weight loss expert and presenter of Sky Livings Fat Families, Steve Miller is advocating hypnotherapy to help mums lose the excess weight after giving birth. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve explains that hypnotherapy is one of the safest and most inspiring ways to help lose weight after childbirth. “Not only does hypnotherapy help mums to lose weight, but it also helps to relax them and focus their minds moving forward” comments Steve. He believes the mind is the most powerful organ of the body and that when we begin to work with it we are able to tap into a source of internal power.

How hypnotherapy works

When asked how hypnotherapy works Steve explains “the process of hypnotherapy is about helping the client relax deeply to the point where their unconscious mind is receptive to positive and empowering suggestions to help them achieve the goal they really want”. Steve adds that “hypnotherapy can support mums in other ways too such as managing stress, dealing with the anxiety of childbirth, and helping to focus the mind on what needs to be done to model good parenting”. Clients are always in control during a session of hypnotherapy and the process is very unlike the traditional hypnotic stage shows.

What to expect

Steve uses a three stage process to help clients lose weight. “Mums are great to work with because they are usually so motivated to get back the body they feel they have lost” explains Steve. Session 1 of the process involves taking a full case history and agreeing together the end goal. During the session Steve explains how hypnotherapy works and then allows the client to enjoy the process focusing on the end goal seeing, hearing, and feeling themselves lighter and more confident. In session two the hypnotherapy session focuses on installing into the mind all of the consistent activities that will take place to support the end goal. Steve describes these as the success habits and through hypnotherapy helps the client embed them deep into their mind. The final session puts it all together linking the consistent activities to the end goal and outside of the hypnotherapy session Steve offers the client a number of motivational tools to help keep the weight off once it is lost.

 Want to know more?

Visit: www.thestevemillerplan.com

Visit: Steve’s wonderful The Motivation House website too

Read: From Fat to Fit

Watch: Fat Families

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