Kids Who Fidget and Move – And What To Do About It !

Well I know I’ve said it  with a smile to kids in my class when I was a teacher ” Oooh have you got ants in your pants today?” Frequently children get into trouble at home and in school because they move too much. They fidget, fall off chairs, or leave their seats when they are […]

Well, thank God maths isn’t taught like that in schools.

Today I’m delighted to have Kate Long the author of “ Before She Was Mine”  which  is available on Amazon as my guest blogger today. Kate is discussing the importance of exercise. “Imagine you’re back at school, and on your way to a maths lesson. Although you appreciate maths is a vitally important life skill, it […]

The Potty Mouthed Wordsmith … a true tale from a real Mum

I remember Bridget Hickey, a girl in my class at school, teaching her toddler twin sisters the most foul mouthed words she could think of at the swings in Tooting when I was about 13 – as her Mum had remarried and she was angry and jealous of her siblings. Today my guest blogger is Laura […]

Why I think parenting classes are a good idea.

  I have the most wonderful Virtual Assistant who sorts out all my technical stuff and today she wrote a wonderful blog that I’d like to share with you. Here’s Kelly’s heart felt blog. “Ok, a little different to what I normally blog about but hell, it’s something that I feel strongly about so felt […]

Why are French children so good?

I have been interviewed recently on BBC Radio Coventry and in The Daily Mirror newspaper about why French children seem more relaxed and well behaved. “When an elegant French mother confided her embarrassment about the time it had taken to get her son to sleep through the night, Pamela Druckerman was all ears. With a six-month-old […]

5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity

Today I am delighted to have Janis Meredith from as my guest blogger. Janis writes a youth sports blog focusing on parenting & character building. 5 secrets to breaking the parental habit of negativity “Why are you so negative?” I’m sad to say that’s a question I was asked many times by my kids as […]


    Today I am delighted to have Vivien Sabel as my guest blogger putting forward her opinion on smacking or spanking as my USA parents call it ! “Smacking or spanking is an act of aggression and in some cases violence against a child. In my opinion it has no demonstrative qualities and it has […]

Starting School Survival Guide.

Today I’m delighted to have Sarah Ebner as my guest blogger today the author of The Starting School Survival Guide. “It’s nearly time for parents to send in their application forms for primary schools in England, and I know how stressed many of them are. How? Because they tell me! And because I write about […]

12 Most Important Lessons We Can Learn from Children

Today’s guest post is from Ted Rubin. A native New Yorker, Ted holds a Bachelor of Science in business and economics from Cornell University. He is divorced, has two teenage daughters, and lives in Long Island. Personal philosophy: “Live is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the […]

Take the Home-Start childhood challenge. This quiz is child’s play!

We all know the first few years of life are critical to a child’s development. It’s when the crucial milestones happen. That’s why Home-Start works hard to support parents when families are at breaking point, helping them create a safe, loving home environment to ensure that their children don’t miss out on the vital foundations […]

Should Preteens Be On Facebook?

Should Preteens Be On Facebook?? a guest post by Matt Morgan Facebook, the social network that was created as a collegiate exclusive site, has become widely used by teens and preteens. The site requires users to be 13 years of age or older, but the policy is difficult to uphold and enforce. Research by Consumer […]

Teach Your Kids To “Think PET” and ask “What can I learn from this?”

I read a great article today by Michele Ranard on the NYParenting website  about why some children fall apart when faced with a negative situations, while others seem to roll with the punches. Here’s the article. “A few years back, my first-grader stepped off the school bus in tears. The words he squeaked out between sobs cut me […]