Sports Parties for Kids with Disabilities

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Today’s guest blogger is a man with a vision and a passion for “Sport For All” including children that have learning and physical disabilities.

I met Gary Marlow from Marlow Sports  at my friend Julia’s fabulous  WineEntwine   wine tasting event to raise funds for the NSPCC  a couple of weeks ago and I was struck by his passion to make a difference in the world and I was particularly impressed with Gary’s experience in delivering sport to the following range of disabilities:

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ASD – Autistic Spectrum, ASP – Asperger’s Syndrome

BESD – Behavioural, Emotional and Social Disorders

CB – Challenging Behaviours

CP – Cerebal Palsy

DOW – Downs Syndrome

DYP – Dyspraxia

EPI – Epilepsy

HI – Hearing Impairment

IM – Impaired Mobility

MLD – Moderate Learning Difficulties

PMLD – Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

SLD – Severe Learning Difficulties

S&LD – Speech and Language Difficulties

VI – Visual Impairment.

Here is a blog Gary has written explaining a little more
about his work and passion for sport.

“It is my life’s ambition to bring my love of sport to everyone and this includes those that have learning and physical disabilities.

Marlow Sports is unique because being inclusive is an integral part of my work.

Over the coming months and years we will be launching various programmes, ideas,
teachings, and coaching to help people overcome obstacles that prevent them
from loving, participating and delivering in sport.

All of my ideas are in my head desperate to get out – or are now emerging  through my blogs,  video podcasts, or Facebook pages as I aim to share my passion with you !

Disability Sports Parties

I have often heard “Those that are disabled can’t play sport, let alone want to have a party based on sport” well, I say that’s….. RUBBISH !

A raised eyebrow, a smile, the gripping of a ball – these seem very simple
things, but for those with profound multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) doing
sport not only offers an enjoyable learning experience but is also helpful physiotherapy .

So why a sports party people often ask me? – Well first of all, no one has ever attempted
to offer such a service before and I believe experiencing sport is very important for both children and parents

Secondly I believe that everyone can achieve “excellence”, therefore by providing a sports party for children with disabilities, we can start to breakdown barriers and
allow these children an experience of different sports – and in years to come they could be playing Boccia for Great Britain at the Paralympics.

How ?

As teacher and Coach  we aim to provide an exciting experience so that
children learn and develop and get better.

We offer the opportunity for a child to try things out and to experiment, as
Edison said “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”
hopefully it will not take you 10,000 times to help someone with a “disability” to participate in sport.

I believe that communication is the key – everything we do is about communication
– FACE, EYES, VOICE, BODY LANGUAGE, SIGN LANGUAGE  and  I am prepared to use everything to excite the children I work with to build their confidence and
enjoyment of their new experience.

Feedback and questions are always welcome, from parents, teachers, coaches anyone that wants to inspire children and adults to take up sport no matter what
“disabilities” they may have.

“Disabilities” – is a label and I believe that it is society that makes people disabled not
the individual”

Marlow Sports provides a range of high quality services in the field of sport. If you need a high quality Sports Coach for a school, for your child, for your club or yourself, Marlow Sports has experienced staff that can work with children, adults and those with a disability or special needs.

To find out more about Gary Marlow go to

To find out more about my friend Julia’s Winentwine who are a fine wine events company delivering bespoke events for corporate and private hospitality, wine courses for those keen to learn about fine wine, and their own events for fine wine novices and enthusiasts alike go to




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