Tapping is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Here’s How It Can Help YOU!

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique  is the new therapy for the 21st century as it is a very safe way to get rid of anxiety, stress, and feelings of guilt and overwhelm that lots of parents suffer from. It is based on tapping different Chinese meridian lines with your fingers – and you’ve probably […]

Pills & Pregnancy – the truly shocking truth

k   As the shocking BBC Panorama report ‘Pills & Pregnancy’ hits the headlines – a campaign organised by  the very wonderful Emma Murphy  about the shocking truth about FACS Syndrome, I thought it would be helpful to  tell you about the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs to give you support & help. Emma is […]

My poor father-in-law who fell off the hospital bed.

  My lovely 82 year old  father -in-law came to stay today and has been battling the trauma and shock of going in for an operation on his prostrate and falling off the bed in the recovery room, due to negligence of the hospital. They forgot  to  put up the side bars on the bed while […]