Recovering From The Pandemic Using ‘Tapping’ – the New Therapy for the 21st Century

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


Today I was working in a school doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and a child told me he had be mauled by 6 dogs when he was 3 and had scars around his eyes to show me.

I  regularly use my Emotional Freedom Technique with the children I work with as it is a simple, quick and remarkably effective tool for clearing traumas, fears, anxieties and negative emotions and I became fascinated by it when I assisted Paul McKenna on his Easy Weight Loss Seminars.

I asked the whole class to think of something that frightened them from putting up their hand in class to reading out loud , to performing in front of lots of people and we ‘tapped.’

Today I tapped out their fears of clowns, horses, flying, fire, their parents divorce, going up in a lift,to going down an escalator.

They smiled, relaxed and thanked me for relieving them of their anxieties, fears and traumas – it was my very great pleasure.

If you would like to discover how EFT can help reduce or eliminate your work/life stress,  your habitual sense of guilt,  or your anxieties, fears and traumas contact me on 01883 818329 or contact me on [email protected]



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