Pills & Pregnancy – the truly shocking truth

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As the shocking BBC Panorama report ‘Pills & Pregnancy’ hits the headlines – a campaign organised by  the very wonderful Emma Murphy  about the shocking truth about FACS Syndrome, I thought it would be helpful to  tell you about the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs to give you support & help.

Emma is the co-founder of In-FACT & FSA. She is a campaigner & mum of 5 children aged between 3-9 who are  ALL  affected by FACS SYNDROME & she is  raising awareness to help the thousands affected by this condition.

The Panorama programme goes out next Monday Night on BBC 1 at  8.30pm

The Truth about Pills and Pregnancy

” Many women have to take medicines while pregnant. But could they be risking the health of their unborn child?

Decades after the Thalidomide scandal shocked the world, Panorama reveals how another medicine has damaged far more children. Drugs cannot be tested on pregnant women for ethical reasons, so doctors do not know if most prescription drugs are safe for the unborn child, and the system set up to monitor side-effects appears to be flawed.

As evidence emerges that some common antidepressants are linked to heart defects in babies, the programme asks how much we really know about the safety of medicines women take while pregnant.

I am very happy to help in any way I can as Emotional Freedom Technique otherwise known as ‘Tapping’ can help with the trauma, grief & shock  so please feel free to contact me on 01342 833355 or email me at [email protected] if you need support or advice.

Here are the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs of 2013  and here are Emma Murphy’s details


As autism diagnoses keep increasing, so too do the number of blogs about autism. Self-advocates, parents with autism who have kids with autism, and non-autistic parents all bring their own viewpoints, and all need to be heard. Babble’s 2013 Top 30 Autism Blogs brings you voices from a range of viewpoints: some familiar, some fresh. We’re excited that this year’s picks include several blogs that are new to their list.





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