Divorce Step By Step – The Dreaded Form E – Advice Around Your Capital

I found the Form E totally daunting so I asked Neil Russell to talk me through it to help you. Looking after your children. Separation and divorce are traumatic events for families. I wrote this journal  for children going through divorce as it is designed to help children express, explore and understand some of the strong emotions […]

Divorce Step By Step – The Financial Side To Things.

MONEY ! It all rather bluntly boils down to the kids and money. It’s vital that you get professional advice at this time from an independent financial advisor. Most people are really, really worried about the money side of things but good financial advice around what you are entitled to will make a HUGE difference […]

Divorce Step by Step – Ages & Stages

I have been working with two families going through the process of divorcing and what has struck me is how the news that Mummy & Daddy are separating can vary depending on the age of the children. How the news hits a 3 year old is very different to how an 11 year old understands […]

Divorce Step by Step – What to tell the people around you

In this video I talk to you about how to tell your employer that you are going through a divorce. Lots of people I work 1-2-1 with struggle with what to say and worry how it will impact on their work colleagues perception of them. Also I talk to you about talking to family and […]

Divorce Step By Step – The Legal Stuff

In this Divorce Step by Step video I talk you through the legal stuff. It’s REALLY important that you take your time to find a really good lawyer that you can relate to. It’s important to keep things out of Court if at ALL possible as it gets messy, aggressive and EXPENSIVE and the only […]

Divorce Step by Step – Avoiding Conflict

I always say to the parents that I work 1-2-1 with that ‘Divorce is a process NOT an event.’ I also say that it’s not the divorce that damages children, but the level of conflict they experience, that can have long term repercussions, even into their own adult relationships, so getting this part of the […]

Divorce Step By Step – Your Well-Being

Looking after your own health and wellbeing is absolutely crucial in being able to look after your children through this really challenging process. In this video I personally guide you through a very important aspect of the divorce process – your own personal well-being. How will a divorce affect your own health and well-being? Take […]

Divorce Step by Step – What the Children Think

In this Divorce Step By Step video I  discuss the importance of what the children think as you go through the divorce process. You may be surprised about their take on events. Talking & more importantly listening and being there for your children at this time of huge change is important. I created my ‘Divorce […]

Divorce From Your Child’s Perspective. Things To Think About.

Most parents don’t know the options that are available to divorcing couples rather than the aggressive ‘Going to Court’ option.  Most solicitors in fact don’t favour taking your case to Court as it is expensive and can be very damaging to everyone in the family, particularly your children. Mediation is a good option – and […]

A Very Modern Divorce: the new rules of splitting up

In England and Wales, there are still only five ways to get a divorce and three of those involve living separately for at least two years. Divorce in the UK can be messy, drawn out and extremely painful for the whole family. But it doesn’t have to be like this. As Nigel Shepherd, chair of […]

How To Introduce Your New Partner To Your Kids Without Damaging Them Forever.

  To help you navigate the journey through Divorce, if that is what you have decided is best for your family,  I’ve recently launched a new series of free Divorce videos called -> Divorce Step by Step. Divorce Step By Step has been set up specifically to help you address the range of issues and matters […]

Parents who stay together ‘for the sake of the children’ are not doing the best thing for their youngsters’ mental health.

I was very interested to read in The Mail on Sunday about new findings published  by Swedish researchers and supported by University College, London around couples ‘staying together’ 15,000 schoolchildren were examined to see how divorce affected them and the study found disparity in children’s mental health due to their living situation. Couples who stay married […]