How To Introduce Your New Partner To Your Kids Without Damaging Them Forever.

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To help you navigate the journey through Divorce, if that is what you have decided is best for your family,  I’ve recently launched a new series of free Divorce videos called -> Divorce Step by Step.

Divorce Step By Step has been set up specifically to help you address the range of issues and matters you have to face when going through a divorce. I have been through the process myself so I know 1st hand how you are feeling and what you are going to go through.

I have come out the other side, stronger and fitter in every sense of the word. It’s not easy but with the right help and guidance the Divorce Step By Step videos will help you to help yourself make it less of a minefield.

I think it’s really important that you remember that divorce is a process NOT an event.

No two divorce situations are identical, but I believe sharing your story will be extremely helpful to other people going through the same process. Simply email me your divorce story. All contributions will be edited to keep the identity of everyone anonymous and names will be replaced with initials and we won’t publish any anonymous contributions.

The website is not a place to vent your anger at your ex – it’s a place to get information, ideas & strategies and it’s my intention to empower you to make good decisions going forward.

There are three areas in which the videos will seek to guide you.
1. Legal– we’ve recruited some of the top family lawyers to take you through the paperwork and process.
2. Financial– guidance on what you can expect to pay and what you might expect to get.
3. Emotional– the effect on the children and just as importantly YOU.
Go to Divorce Step By Step to explore also join in the conversation and send your story to [email protected]
Feel free to ask questions and we will offer our advice in response to your email in a video.
I’m here to support you through my Divorce Videos,  Divorce Coaching Programmes, Divorce Workshops and with my inexpensive Divorce Resources

If you have passed this stage and are now worrying about how to introduce your new partner to your children – here are some of my tips and suggestions, and if you’d like to work personally with me you can call any time on 01883 818329 or email me at [email protected]

Keeping stability in your family unit when you introduce a new partner.


Remember, the relationships between parents, children and potential new partners and their children, can be extremely complicated! You can’t possibly work these things out overnight-it takes time. The whole “getting to know you” process can take much longer than you expect, because, after all, there is much more to know about them. We are all tips of icebergs. So just relax and take your time and let the relationships develop slowly – like cooking on a slow burner not in a blender!


Positive Parent Top Tip


Be patient-it may take much longer for your new partner to build a relationship with an older child than with a younger one.


Many children have a secret hope that their natural parents will be united, no matter how unrealistic this might be. Children want to see their parents live happily ever after. And so taking this into consideration, it’s obvious why a child won’t immediately bond with a new step-parent or new partner. The new partner is a barrier to their own parents getting back together. That’s the reality and the tough part for your child to accept.


But the good news is you can have a successful step-family. It’s not always an easy undertaking but it can work with patience, love and compromise.


Positive Parent Top Tip


If you think your new relationship is becoming serious, discuss your relationship with your children at the earliest opportunity.


Here is some advice I’ve compiled by working with lots of single parents, who now have new partners:


The normal grieving period for bereavement and divorce or splitting up is said to be about two years. So take your time.


Prepare your children gradually. Let them know there’s someone special in your life, but reassure them that your love for them hasn’t changed. Be honest. Don’t try to hide your relationship. Answer their questions. Introduce your new partner. Allow them time to get used to their new feelings. Blending two families together involves great physical and emotional upheaval.


Some important questions to ask yourself are and to really get clear about are:


  • How will you prepare your children?


  • How will you introduce your new partner?


  • When will you think it’s a good time?


  • Am I marrying or living together for security, shared interests or for love?


  • Am I sure my partner really gets on with my children?


  • Is my new partner prepared to work hard at building a relationship with my children?


Be prepared for your children to constantly test you and your new partner. They will probably think it is fair game to test the boundaries. How will you handle this?


Be prepared for your partner’s children to initially dislike you. Again, give them time, don’t rush them, be patient. How can you gently build a relationship with them – do something active together regularly, listen to them without interrupting, recognise and acknowledge the new situation you all find yourselves in and be forgiving as you learn and discover new things about each other?


Try to see things from your children’s point of view. Are they feeling overwhelmed, frightened, unsure, and insecure? How can you help them with this?


Expect to spend a lot more time and energy on your children and stepchildren. Don’t despair if there are tantrums, sulking, slamming doors, anger, jealousy, game



  • How will you prepare yourself for the settling down process, you have to go through?
  • What will you do to replenish your own energy and keep your spirits up, and that of your partners?
  • Where can you find good advice or support along the way?Don’t make decisions in isolation from your children, particularly if it involves a change in their living environment. It is vital you take on board their feelings, and that they know that you have taken time to listen to their thoughts and opinions. Then they appreciate that you have made your decision based on everyone’s point of view.

Some families bond quicker than others-through shared interests.

What shared interests, can you find that your partner and your children can share- music, football, art, motor racing, snooker? Be genuinely positive in the new dimension that your new partner can add to your children’s lives – don’t focus on the negative changes – celebrate the new opportunities to grow, explore, discover and enhance all your lives together.

Be kind to yourself, be flexible, be honest, show commitment, forgiveness, and perseverance and most of all a large dose of humour! Life is all about handling change and so by having a positive and upbeat attitude to new beginnings you teach your children to do the same.


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