Dads can suffer from postnatal depression too … but they just don’t admit it’

Today I’m delighted to have Mark Williams as my guest writer raising awareness of depression in fathers. It follows on from his article in today’s Daily Mirror Here is Mark’s story. ‘The birth of a couple’s first child is billed as one of the happiest moments in their life. But, for thousands of women […]

30 Positive Lifestyle Habits For Healthier, Happier Children.

I was sent this FABULOUS piece from James Wittering a divorced dad of 2 boys on Twitter. It’s one of the reasons I love Twitter so much as it connects me to wonderful people writing wonderful things. I just agree with this whole mind set and positivity and couldn’t put it better myself. I think […]

The ‘F’ Word – FATHERS And The Importance of Father-Child Bonding

              I’m delighted to see my article published in Kids Stop Press today click => here about the importance of father – child bonding.   Father is your First hero, first role model and you will always look for him in your husband. Grooming Babies Global Pvt. Ltd is hosting […]

The Importance of the ‘F’ Word = FATHERS and Paternity Leave.

I was interviewed today on BBC West Midlands Radio about Labour and Ed Milliband’s new Paternity Proposal as a future Labour government would double the amount of paid paternity leave available to new fathers from two to four weeks, Ed Miliband has announced. The Labour leader has also pledged to increase statutory paternity pay by […]

How to read to babies without feeling silly!

I always read to my kids even from when they were babies. I read with no surprise that US paediatricians are urging parents to read to children from their earliest days  because parents who read to their children nurture more than literary skills. Babies whose fathers engage positively with them at three months old behave […]

Generation Xbox: ‘Alarming’ drop in fathers helping children to read

There’s an alarming study out by The Literacy Trust  showing a drop in the number of fathers encouraging their children to read 🙁 The study by the National Literacy Trust shows one in three dads give no reading encouragement to their children to read at all – a 30 per cent increase over the past […]

Dads see parenting courses as stuck in ’50s :(

FATHERS are averse to attending parenting education classes and do not seem  to get the same benefits from them as mothers, a new study shows. But it’s not the fault of  fathers. ”It’s as if parenting courses are stuck  in the 1950s where the gender division is accepted as natural and entrenched,”  said Richard Fletcher, […]

Paternity leave: Don’t we all benefit if new dads stay at home ?

I’ve just discovered downloading the Sunday papers on my Kindle ! Bliss ! So I read with interest Jemima Lewis’ article in The Sunday Telegraph about how paternity leave is good not only for children and mothers, but can help the economy, too. What do you think ?  


I’ve just come across an article in the Daily Express about Dads and hugging which I found interesting. My son has gone a bit more aloof at the moment as he’s 19,  left home for University and is a bit unsure of the new hugging policy so I get more ‘high 5’s’ as he says ‘Goodnight’ when […]

Parenting advice from George Clooney’s dad

  I have to admit I have a soft spot for George Clooney – who doesn’t ? But this article from Salon caught my eye today as Nick Clooney, George’s Dad explains how he raised Hollywood’s socially aware icon. When George Clooney was arrested on Friday while protesting outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, he […]

When does a man become a dad?

Today I’m delighted to have as my guest blogger Daddy Natal  a wonderful resource for expectant dads and fathers to be. Here’s a little bit about Dean Beaumont the founder of Daddy Natal. I’m Dean Beaumont the first professional male Antenatal Educator in the UK and founder of DaddyNatal. I have two children Oren 3 […]