How to read to babies without feeling silly!

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Posted by: Sue Atkins


I always read to my kids even from when they were babies. I read with no surprise that US paediatricians are urging parents to read to children from their earliest days  because parents who read to their children nurture more than literary skills.

Babies whose fathers engage positively with them at three months old behave better at 12 months, a study suggests. Researchers observed how fathers interacted with their babies at three months and then assessed the same children’s behaviour at a year. The team, from Oxford University, studied 192 families from Oxford and Milton Keynes in their homes.

Lead author Dr Paul Ramchandani said: “We found children whose fathers were more engaged had better outcomes.” He added: “At the other end of the scale, children tended to have greater behavioural problems when their fathers were more remote and lost in their own thoughts or when their father interacted less with them. “The association tended to be stronger for boys than for girls, suggesting that perhaps boys are more susceptible to the influence of their father from a very early age.

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