A Social Story To Help Autistic Children Cope With Losing.

Some children with autism may find it very difficult to control their emotions when they don’t win in a game, quiz, or activity. Of course, everyone likes to win at games, but it is so much harder for children on the autism spectrum. Social Stories can help autistic children develop their social skills and handle […]

Tips For Helping An Autistic Child Cope With Losing.

  Losing can be challenging for any child, and it may be particularly difficult for an autistic child due to potential difficulties with change and emotional regulation. Here are some tips to help an autistic child cope with losing: Prepare them in advance: Before engaging in any competitive activity, talk to your child about the […]

What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can Help Your Child Cope.

  I’m working with a lovely 9 year old boy, who is on the spectrum, to help his self esteem and his perfectionism as it’s causing him anxiety. What Drives Perfectionism in Autism & How You Can  Help Your Child Cope. In today’s society, perfectionism seems widely accepted & no big deal. Lots of high […]

Could this new parenting therapy improve your child’s autism?

I was fascinated to read this piece of research that offers hope to parents of children with autism. For the first time, an autism study shows benefits when parents get involved in supporting their children. Around 700,000 people in the UK have autism, that’s about one child in every 100, and if you include their […]

10 Signs Your Child May Have Asperger Syndrome.

    I have written many chapters on Additional or Special Needs in my books but I thought this article from Moms Pop Sugar was helpful to share with you: Asperger syndrome is a neurological disorder in the family of autism spectrum disorders. Because every child exhibits a different set of symptoms, there is no […]

Helping Children with Autism – Some Simple Strategies and Parenting Tips

I have recently been working with a lovely Mum & Dad looking at their child’s problems with friendships at school and his bedtime routines. When I start working with a new family I say that’s it rather like trying to unpick a huge ball of wool that’s got all tangled up, and my job is […]

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Robert Melillo – Autism, ADHD & Dyslexia Expert.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Robert Melillo One of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in America, Dr. Robert Melillo has been helping children overcome learning disabilities for over 20 years. His areas of expertise include: autism spectrum disorders, PDD/NOS, ADD/ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, bipolar disorder, and other attention, […]

Have You Read – Autism Parenting Magazine ?

  Here is a wonderful magazine which will give you the best information for parenting a child with Autism, useful and practical parenting tips on special education with specific tips on behavioural issues & sensory processing. http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/

Research backs Emma’s FACS battle

I am very proud to be an Ambassador for the Charity FACS. Here is an article on my friend Emma Murphy and her campaign for justice for the families affected by FACS Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndrome. One of my fellow special needs mums, whom I met over Twitter, Emma Murphy, is spearheading a campaign highlighting […]

Pills & Pregnancy – the truly shocking truth

k   As the shocking BBC Panorama report ‘Pills & Pregnancy’ hits the headlines – a campaign organised by  the very wonderful Emma Murphy  about the shocking truth about FACS Syndrome, I thought it would be helpful to  tell you about the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs to give you support & help. Emma is […]

What is PDA?

I am currently working with a wonderful Mum who is absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed by her two adoptive children. She has raised children of her own but has always wanted to adopt and give to children, less fortunate than her own, a stable and loving home environment. But she had no idea how challenging both children […]

The Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs

  As the shocking ‘Pills & Pregnancy’ a report by BBC Panorama hits the headlines – a campaign organised by  the very wonderful Emma Murphy  about FACS Syndrome I thought it would be helpful to  tell you about the Top 30 Autism Spectrum Blogs to give you support & help. I am very happy to […]

Dementia, Louis Theroux & making a documentary about children with autism.

I read with great interest this article in todays The Daily Telegraph as my mother in law has recently been diagnosed as having dementia and it has been very sad for my husband ringing up to hear slightly odd or disturbing stories about what has happened during each day. This article is a fascinatingly honest […]

Attempting to open doors for people with hidden voices.

Today I have a personal 1-2-1 Confidence Class in my practice at home with a lovely boy who has been diagnosed as having Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. For those of you unfamiliar with it here’s a personal account from the helpful website Hi2u that offers a range of helpful advice , information and articles on ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s […]