The signs of anxiety in your child & how 3-3-3 can really help.

  The signs of anxiety in your child & how 3-3-3 can really help. Who knew you’d have to handle the anxiety of returning to school so soon after a pandemic to cope with  RAAC? Usually the signs of anxiety in children can include excessive worry, fear, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, and physical symptoms like […]

Teaching kids to let go of their worries.

I go into lots of schools doing my Confidence Classes for Kids Workshop and After School Club and I always do a Garden Of Dreams visualisation that helps children to let go of their worries, anxieties and stresses. But here is another tool that I use: The Hug Me Tree Imagine that there is a […]

Is Yelling at Your Children Verbal Abuse?

I was asked to contribute to the new Jeremy Vine TV Show on Channel 5 about whether yelling or shouting at children is verbal abuse. We all lose the plot at times & lose our temper & end up shouting at our kids, but what is the difference between the odd shout & consistent verbal […]

Paying The Price For Our Parental Panicking.

Paying The Price For Our Parental Panicking Anxiety and depression; even suicide is increasing and it’s all because children feel their sense of control over their lives has decreased according to Peter Gray, a psychologist at Boston College and author of ‘Free to Learn.’ His research links the rise of emotional and social disorders with […]

The First International Fathers’ Mental Health Day is on Monday 20th June.

  The first ever International Fathers’ Mental Health Day will take place on Monday 20th June 2016 to raise awareness of postnatal depression (PND), antenatal anxiety and childbirth trauma experienced by men. Mark Williams, who suffered all three after becoming a father and subsequently founded Fathers Reaching Out and Reaching Out Positive Mental Health explains: […]

Isn’t it time to ‘Talk & Teach’ Your Kids about Mental Health?

Compassion, empathy & understanding start at an early age and they start with you, as parents, talking and teaching your children about all sorts of things including mental health. So I was interested to read about a new survey of more than 1,100 parents that found 55% hadn’t spoken about the subject of  stress, anxiety, […]

Why I’m now using Story Massage in my work with parents and children.

Story Massage from Meg Fenn on Vimeo. Yesterday I was delighted to attend a course on Story Massage as I thought it would be another useful addition to add to my toolbox of  ways to help parents and children. What is Story Massage? Story Massage involves the use of 10 simple movements (through your clothes), […]

Less Stress – 11 habits of people who never worry.

We all worry, but some of us worry more than others but worrying is rarely productive and can be bad for your health. I work with lots of parents who are stressed, anxious and tense and they unconsciously pass their anxiety down to their kids, who pick up on their energy. So here’s how people who don’t let worry […]

Guidance on Parenting Alone – My Interview on The Mother Company

Guidance on Parenting Alone – My Interview on The Mother Company An interview with Sue Atkins The percentage of US births to unmarried women, increasing since the 1940s, has surged in recent years, according to the American Community Survey. Pew Research reports the number of single fathers has increased from 300,000 in 1960, to over […]

4 Simple Reasons Not to Take Divorce Advice From Your Friends

As regular readers of my blog will know I am recently separated from my husband after 21 years and I know first hand how challenging, stressful and overwhelming this transitional period of  life really is. I have been running my “6 Week “Separation – Putting Your Children First” Coaching Programme”  for many years now using […]