The signs of anxiety in your child & how 3-3-3 can really help.

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The signs of anxiety in your child & how 3-3-3 can really help.

Who knew you’d have to handle the anxiety of returning to school so soon after a pandemic to cope with  RAAC?

Usually the signs of anxiety in children can include excessive worry, fear, nervousness, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, and physical symptoms like headaches or stomachaches.

But have you heard of the 3-3-3 technique to help alleviate worries?

Here is the very simple but effective 3 – 3 -3 rule for anxiety.

It involves looking around and naming three things you see, then three sounds you hear, and finally, moving three parts of your body.

This technique can help ground your kids in the present moment and reduce anxiety.

Parents often ask me how they can  help their child with anxiety.

You can help your child with anxiety by encouraging open communication, teaching them coping strategies, listening properly & acknowledging their worry – no matter how trivial or small it may seem to you and seeking professional help if necessary.

What triggers anxiety in a child?

Triggers for anxiety in a child can vary widely and can include things like school, social situations, separation from parents, or specific fears or phobias.

Child anxiety is a serious issue that can significantly impact a child’s life.

But with understanding, support, and appropriate treatment, children with anxiety can learn to manage their symptoms and lead fulfilling lives.

Remember, seeking professional help is essential if your child’s anxiety is causing distress or interfering with their daily activities.

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